The hall is organized in four rooms full of archaeological and architectural remains brought back to light during the long restorations carried out in the 1980s.
As an entrance passage to the second room we can find a tufa neogothic arch, while a double couple of columns in red marble from Verona, with acanthus-leaves capitals, delimits the third room of the hall, through which you enter the great staircase which brings in the Museum.

View from the first room.


The last room of the hall presents a wonderful wooden ceiling of the XVc.: it comes from some inner room of the palace and it was included here during the renovation age in 1880.

Detail of the wooden ceiling in the fourth room.


Here is placed a rare haul sledge, single-seater, lacquered and painted with marine mythological figures. It is a rare antique, perhaps one of those that a funny piece of news of the year 1767 describes competing in Bra square, Verona, during a particularly snowy winter season.
Beyond the hall, the reserved rooms open to the temporary exhibitions which the Museum Foundation promotes and organizes in its office.

Single-seater racing sledge for single draught (Verona, half of the XIIIc.).




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