The collection of Renaissance bronzes presents an extraordinary selection of authors - mostly attributable to the Paduan school - and of subjects.

Noteworthy is the Moses by Jacopo Sansovino, derived from the famous marble sculpture by Michelangelo and preserved in the church of S. Pietro in Vincoli in Rome; the amphora with a griffin-shaped handle, attributed to Andrea Briosco known as il Riccio; the group of Venus and Cupid, attributed to Tiziano Aspetti.

A unique example is the self-portrait bust of Giulio della Torre, an illustrious Veronese patrician who was a pupil of Riccio in Padua, known for his activity as a medalist. This is the only full-fledged work by Della Torre. the presence on the back of the sculpture of the following Latin letters confirms the attribution: IVL.TVR.IVDSF to be read Iul (ius) Tur (rianus) i (uris) u (triusque) d (octor) s (e) f (ecit).

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