The small chapel was created in a room of the palace in 1913; in it the Eucharistic liturgy could be celebrated every day, except on the solemn feasts of Easter and Christmas. 

The altar, of late eighteenth-century layout, was adapted to the room. The small altarpiece by Agostino Ugolini (1756-1824), signed and dated 1795, is dedicated to the Immaculate Virgin, who, in glory with the Child, crushes the dragon; below, in prayer, Saints Luigi Gonzaga and François de Sales. 

The furniture is completed by a beautiful sacristy washbasin (Veneto, mid-13th century) and a precious domestic altar, consisting of a crucifix and two amber candlesticks with ivory inlays, coming from the Baltic area, datable to the second half. of the seventeenth century, dedicated to the sacred Heart of Jesus.

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